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About HMP Mercantile

“HMP Mercantile Corporation” started its business in 2001.

We offer extensive range of products like plate flanges, forged flanges, sheet metal components, turned and machined components, gears and shafts and others. Along with this we provide a range of services that fulfill the specific demands of clients. Our some value added services are:

Our some value added services are:

To source the best manufacturer as per the buyer's requirements

To arrange the quotations/samples

To act as a communication bridge

To monitor the manufacturing at all stages

To ensure that the supplies are made as per the schedules

To make the necessary follow up as advised by the buyer

With the help of our team of professionals, we assist the buyer to source the right mercantile from the best manufacturer at affordable price with a best delivery. Basically, we do not manufacture, sell & export any product.
We have established ourselves as one of the reputed sourcing agent in India. We work as an interface between the buyer & seller to facilitate the business. We specialize ourselves in area of product development, production inspections, timely deliveries, coordination & communication etc. All the orders will be directly executed by the manufacturer. Buyer gets the advantage of having a back office like support based in India.

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Why Us :

We have a very good data base of good manufacturers for various products.

We have very good contacts with these world class manufacturers.

We can arrange your meetings with these manufacturers & visits to their plants anytime in short notice.

We provide a complete solution to our customers starting from identifying the best & suitable manufacturer for the desired product to final dispatch.

Our services include sourcing, sampling, price negotiation, production check, packaging, shipping etc.

We are very conveniently located in Delhi, the capital of India, only 30 Kilometer from Delhi International Airport.

Our approach & working patterns gives us the right ambience to excel and deliver the very best in terms of value and services.

We are flexible in our approach and always open to changes and advancements.

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Ensuring Quality

“Quality is the backbone of our company. We are dedicated to serve our international buyers by providing the best product coupled with the superior services. We are specialized in:”

Sourcing :We maintain an exhaustive data bank of the top manufacturers in India to cater to the varied business needs of our global clients.

Auditing :Rigorous evaluation process and auditing is conducted to check the authenticity and credibility of the company. Production follow-up and production audits ensure the accuracy of our products. We also carry out quality validation of manufacturers to ensure that they meet the international quality standards.

Inspection :We carryout an inspection at every stage of production. We ensure that the quality of the product is checked on various parameters that conform to international quality standards.

Logistics Solutions :We take care of all the shipping requirements ensuring that our clients get the best line, rates and delivery. We monitor the movement of shipment at all the stages till it is on board to ensure timely delivery.

Why Do You Need A Sourcing Agent / Resident Representative ?

In today's global market, high cost country companies like yours, who want to gain competitive advantages by purchasing components, products or materials from low cost countries such as India but who don't want to set up an international procurement office abroad, may well employ HMP Mercantile Corporation as their representative in India to search, select, negotiate with suppliers.

High cost country companies often don't have in house language capability or cultural knowledge to do the sourcing work on their own.

India has a large base of manufacturers for all types of products & will need at least a month to meet & visit these manufacturers for a particular one product only. You may easily visualize the time required if you have to source four to five products. Beside the time, it is also very difficult for you to approach so many manufacturers.

It is just not possible for any buyers who have an interest in imports from India to spend so much time in identifying the suitable manufacturers, visiting them, negotiating with them etc.

When a buyer like yours sends an inquiry to an Indian manufacturer, they assume you have sent the same inquiries to many & do not respond.

When we inform these Indian manufacturers that we are the authorized agent in India for a particular buyer, they take us seriously & develop a feeling that the buyer too is serious in the business as they have appointed an agent. We get a better response from them.

These Indian manufacturers are more confident if there is an agent in between as they can approach them to sort out their problems.

Agent will provide you proper & timely feedback. Agent will supervise production from time to time & will ensure timely delivery.

There are many reasons why you need a Sourcing Agent cum Resident Representative to assist you in imports from India. The most important is, when you are not in India, we agents are your reliable business assistant.

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